Monday, February 11, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, if you feel free at 20 February (next wednesday), please dun miss it, DaXiang 08 (DX08) or formally translated as Chinese Art of Speaking's Night or in BM, Malam Seni Pertuturan Cina. (Actually exact translation is UM crosstalk competition or 马大大型相声观摩赛). Crosstalk or Xiangsheng 相声 is one of chinese speaking art which simply explained as telling jokes and spreading laughter to audience. Crosstalk is also a traditional Chinese comedic performance in the form of a dialogue or, much less often, a monologue or, even less frequently, a multi-player talk show. The language, rich in puns and allusions, is used in a rapid, bantering style. Xiangsheng is one of China's foremost performing arts.

Long story short, welcome you guys come and attend this fascinating show, come and support me lah... this is my first time, doing a project director of a campus activity.... very extremely busy and exhausted...

Headline news in Oriental Daily....


If you still at KL that day, please come lah.... go there and laugh.... surely can make you more healthier... hahahaha

Sunday, January 13, 2008

UM crosstalk (Xiangsheng) competition!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, long loong looong time din't meet you guys, how are you guys going?? I just came back from Taiwan (ROC) last monday, for the purpose of Global Tzu Chi Youth Day, Oversea Tzu Chi Youth Cultivation Conference and Tzu Chi General Hospital Volunteer Team. I had been staying there for 17 days, but this post is not going to talk about my trip.

This is the main point!!! come here to advertise my project.....


This is my first time in charging of a campus megaproject.... i wished you who favor the art of chinese speaking come and support it.... 20 February,waiting for your coming, thanks....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

*Not M.I.A.. BACK in action now~

HEY PPL!!.. GOSH.. when was the last time i posted here???.... hehe.. so sorry for MIA.. ^-^
NOw.. having the final xm and .. that means.. HOLIDAY soon!... *trying to think in the positive way... L.O.L....* or else im goin to freak out.. so much to study. aiks~

by the way, how r u all ppl?... seems like everyone was busY wif their own stuff.. hehe.. but nvr to forget our u6sc2 duDES of course!.. hehe..

after final.. either i'll b working for a week or back to terengganu for my volleyball tournament here.. my life is quite .. BORED.. i guess.. *anythin new and fun?.. Buzz ME.. HEHE.. *

so hope that we all will gather again during the upcoming hols and make sure all of us gona meet at least once ok.. hehe.. MISS U GUYS.. okie dokie... i tink i'll stop ere cos... tired d~ yawn...

c yea...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

We love UM

This song is dedicated to UM students who struggling hard for campus democracy

Chinese version: Yeow Boon Pin
English version: Liew Kai Yit

enjoy the song.....

We love UM

UM campus election is very well-known,
Never care who you are
Only students who score CGPA 3 or above can contest
Although you have leadership, independent viewpoint and critical thinking,
Sorry, your result is not qualified
It’s absolutely discrimination

Before year 2004,
students voted at their own faculty,
students never threatened by campus authority.
At that time, the election was relatively democratic and fair.

After year 2004,
ballot box was moved into residential college,
from that time onward, campus democracy is getting more and more far to us,
someone will constantly threaten us, said,

Don’t vote for green,
otherwise your college will say “good bye” to you.
If you don’t want to say “good bye” to your college,
you must vote for blue. (Aspirasi)

Don’t vote for green,
otherwise your college will say “good bye” to you.
If you don’t want to say “good bye” to your college,
you should, as a coward, vote for blue. (Aspirasi)

Hey! Who do you think you are?
Who gives you the right to expel students from staying college?
Ladies and gentlemen, let us stand unbowed before the evil force,
come on,
voice out.

Let us vote for pro-student,
give those puppets a tough lesson!
Never let the puppets prevail easily,
hoping a better future for democratic UM.

Let us vote for pro-student,
give those puppets a tough lesson!
Never let campus authority prevail easily,
hoping a better future for democratic UM.

On every campus election,
the whole UM is seemed like enforcing Martial law.
Every residential college defend sternly just as a fortress,
in and out will be checked and questioned,
extreme nervousness,
highly frightening.

Our campus authority purposely create white terror in UM,
make our students misunderstand that pro-student front is a gang of terrorists,
like Osama bin Laden.
This dirty tactic is really “good, very good.”
In fact, they are just only a group of ordinary students,
should we need to treat them like that or not?!

I feel nothing if campus authority doing like that,
Unfortunately, they are a group of students being accomplice in evil
They foster this unhealthy trend.
They think themselves are police officers.
Campus authority is their commander.

No matter what decision is made by campus authority,
No matter the decision is beneficial to students or not.
The only response that they always give is:
Yes sir.

Campus authority said:
Our campus election is “clean”
Yes sir.
The voting is free, the campus is democratic,
Campus authority never suppress pro-student front!
Just as clean as our policemen.

Campus authority said: UM is one.,
yes sir.
University of Malaya is the best university in the world.
Oh my god,

how shame you are, speaking such rubbish,
we UMANY never say like that
No wonder UM world ranking dropping non-stop
Sigh, it’s so hopeless

Pro-establishment (Aspirasi) have seized power of MPM for 3 years,
I want to ask you guys:
Does there have any improvement for our college food?
Why our campus still doesn’t have full coverage of Wifi service?
Why we students have to pay for activity location?

Have you guys ever asked your commander?
Why those students’ welfare problems have not been solved for long time?
How are you going to be student representative?
And how are you going to voice out for students?
Should we students still expect anything from you?

Let us vote for pro-student,
give those puppets a tough lesson!
Every student, let us stand up together,
hoping a better future for democratic UM.

Let us vote for pro-student,
give those puppets a tough lesson!
My brother and sister, let stand up together,
hoping a better future for democratic UM.

Let us vote for pro-student,
give those puppets a tough lesson!
Never let campus authority prevail easily,
hoping a better future for democratic UM.

Ladies and gentlemen,
do you feel disappointed to Pro-establishment (Aspirasi)?
Now, this is the time for Pro-student front return to MPM,
UMANY always side with students,
UMANY always side with you.

We love UM.

To my friends who studying at UM, UPM, UKM, USM and other IPTA, please vote for your student leader wisely, please for democratic pro-student front, and say NO to puppet Aspirasi!!!!

Letter to every college chinese community (CC)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Come Support...

Hey U6Sc2... Its me Edmund and I just wanna invite you guys to this event...
I assure its very entertaining and me and Angel are performing so pls come and support us.

Hey people...
After patiently anticipating for this, its finally here...
The poster for our 5th Anniversary production, MOVE IT! featuring only the best songs from our previous productions.
I have to say that this is one of the most anticipated events of the year with songs ranging from Les Miserables to Starlight Express in our musical section while the Chamber choir will belt out Ywer Vou Neete Cou Velle and Pie Jesu, the Contemporary Section promises tracks such as Autumn Leaves and a folk section with songs from Mongolia, Middle East, Africa and New Finland. We have also a medley of malay songs before we have the musical premier of our theme song, Walk with Me.
27th to 29th September 2007 - 8.30pm
29th September 2007 - Charity Matinee, 3.00pm
30th September 2007 - 3.00pmVenue
The Actors Studio - Bangsar Shopping Centre
Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya59100 Kuala LumpurTickets
RM47 (middle seating) & RM32 (side seating)
AdultsRM32 - Children 12 years & below

Tel: 603 2094 0400 / 603 2094 1400/0123282763
Fitness memberships worth RM1,000 to be won and 14-day FREE trial passes to be given out at every show!
So pls come and support us. If you buy 10 tickets at one go, you may get the next free so you can come back to me and buy in bulk so that we can get the free ticket. There is also Celebrity Fitness vouchers to be won.
See you there.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Update from Sabah Part 1

Looks those people staying in Sabah are too lazy to update with us, so instead of waiting for them to tell you what's happening here in Sabah, I decided to tell you what's happening to all of us during my trip to Sabah now...

===reach Kota Kinabalu===

===Tanjung Aru beach, playing with sunset===

===Sutera Harbour Resorts, playing with falling stars===

===3 hours (stop and look) to KUNDASANG===

===Kenny and Kem Maw said the YEE MEE in Sabah is different, so I tried...===

===we risk our life to climb Mountain Kinabalu in 15 minutes===

===SURPRISES to Sue Yee!!===

===We celebrated her 21st Birthday on highland, she was so HIGH~~~===

===the Strawberry Ice-cream is 6 stars indulgence, MUST TRY!!!===

===we risk our life again to jump in the middle of Cactus Land===

===Kenny got stung by one cactus, Cui Ling said it's poisonous... Kenny's face turned purple===

===cactus is poisonous??===

===ok, maybe the cactus isn't poisonous, Kenny made it to the cow farm===

===it's closed for renovation, we broke into the farm ILLEGALLY===

===Chui Ling didn't wear spec, she tot white spot was safe so she stepped on it.. OH NO!!!===

===you know what are those WHITE THING===


===small stream===

===good to jump there coz you won't sweat===

===Kundasang War Memorial===

===we got locked inside the park... *sweat===

===then I drove all the way back to Kota Kinabalu===

=== The brake didn't really function well, it's dark out there... most adventurous trip i ever drive===

===eat CHEAP seafood...=== be continued...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Young KL Singers @ KLCC

Jack, Angel and me...

Ding di li Ding di li...
What seem to be the sound chimes chiming and utter gibberish were the words to our opening song of the evening...
Magnificent we were as asserted with the title of the Mongolian number, Magnificent Horses.

I present to you, the Young KL Singers
With a small crowd no less than 400 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Plenary theater, it was such rush to be able to perform along with the Trinity College Choir who had so much to offer and for us, so much to learn from.

I truly enjoyed their showcase of talents, and not to mention looks, in addition to the beautiful songs that were carefully handpicked and skillfully performed.

though the short period of time ceased to allow us time to mingle around but performing alongside with them truly is a privilege and I hope to do so again in the future...

What I truly admire is their deep bass choirist who produce such beautiful tone to the songs while the tenors, as I would conclude, are able to bring the savage beast to rest with their impeccable tone...

My favourite was of course when they did their "surprise encore" of our Malaysian "Jong Jong Inai" was truly a treat for both the crowd and ourselves as Malaysians.

But the best part of the day is being able to merge the choirs and sing in unison our version of the Medley, Kenangan Lagenda comprising Sheila Majid's Lagenda, Sudirman's Hujan, the traditional folk song, Bujang Lapok and lastly, the late P.Ramlee's Getaran Jiwa.

It did drive the crowd wild each time we perform this lovely tune.
It was, a great experience and I hope in our coming production in September, the crowd will get much "wilder"...


Monday, June 04, 2007

I start of this blog with a sad love story. "10 years on sea, 1 day on shore". You will know this if you've already watched Pirates of the Caribbean. What's the purpose of life? What will you be doing if given you have to work for 10 years and only rest for 1 day? It's worth to think hard on this question...

I think they will surely be Pirates 4 but I doubted that Keira and Orlando will be back or not... well... let's cross fingers for that...

Then, now I am back to KL looking for pirated games and DVD but gosh I couldn't find... What?! KL got no pirated CDs ?? Don't kid me ! Ok. Dropping the crap of Pirates... I'm now preparing myself for my trip in Cambodia and Vietnam. Lots of things to prepare, especially I'll need to come out with a leadership curriculum with other members of the trip. It's fun and forcing me to pick up some books on leadership. Kinda cool ... Should have read them 5 years ago when I needed them the most. Somehow still isn't late to know it now...

KL is really great. After spending 10 months in Singapore, I dare not to compare both cities because both of them has their own attractiveness... I don't know. Many people, including my parents, my relatives, my collegues, my little boss (for awhile) had asked me to stay in Singapore after I graduate... Well for now I can say that I MUST STAY IN SINGAPORE FOR 3 YEARS at least since I got a bond with Singapore government. However, after those 3 years... I'm not very sure... I have a great dream. I have a huge dream. A dream that never restrict me only in this region. I'm working hard towards it. Though now there's nothing much I can do but I'm willing to work hard and passionately towards it when I got the chance!! That is why I never restrict myself, and acted weird whenever there is people asking me to stay in Singapore for life.

Well... that is what I wanted to say so far. Many many things happened. Friends has evolved with its definition. Sure I have great friends in my life!! As well as some evolved ones .. hahaha ... great to see them !

Saturday, May 19, 2007

工作的乐趣 - Joy of Working

Oh my god, I'm having fun working... hahaha... How can that be? I'm currently a part time program assistant for an executive program of a famous company. I won't revel it yet before the end of the program but who cares ? Haha... For those who don't know what I'm doing... You can simply say I'm a general clerk. But I rather call myself as a program assistant. Hehe... And I'm honored and happy to be able to assist those executive person of the company throughout the program.

OK. So who are they? They are all executive level staff in the company. Precisely, they are regional directors/directors/team manegers/general managers etc for their own region and all coming over from several countries ; France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, China, Japan, Singapore, USA, Argentina, Taiwan, Indonesia and Brazil. Wow!! Haha... I'm serving them and it's weird that I'm still happy about them? Haha.. I should be happy, because they might be my future employers .. haha .. juz kidding ... 3 more years and don't know what will happen ... hahaha ...

Actually the job is quite stress because need to sit in the lecture room and assist the professors and follow their instructions. Other than that I will need to play many many roles at a time including, general clerk, general worker (shifting stuff), replenishing staff (replenish waters every lecture), IT assistant (help in laptop setup), Wireless LAN Consultant (consult delegates for the WiFi thingy), General Secretary, Light and Sound Engineer (turning on and off for professors' presentation), files & notes distributor, Photographers ... etc etc ... I'm amazed that I would still be able to multi-tasked. =.=" Luckily, last Thursday Mr. Lee (regional HR Manager for Asia Pacific for that company) brought all the delegates to de-stress, as a photographer so I got the chance to follow them and yahoo!!!

I tried many new things and I was so excited!! Let you see some pictures first !!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Oh yea.. I scored 48 out of 60 ... GENG leh ? hahaha...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Haha.. The first game that we had was Archery. You can see all those standing beside me are big big fellows... and the white t-shirt man standing so stylish there is the coordinator, Prof. Chew - one of my professor. (aka boss) haha.. honestly very very respect him, though he didn't teach me directly but he did teach me some lesson indrectly... very thanks to him (especially one sentence that he said when I made a mistake - he asked, "You are student from NTU right?", i answered, "yes" and very ashame and guilty, he said, "You know you need to be different!! Cannot be the same!!", i said, "Ya, I know." From now on, I'll never be the same again...)

I had great time together with professors, Mr. Lee (boss from the company), delegates and my little boss Esther and Jowe (ahaha .. i'm assisting them mah..) ... very nice experience !! I grab chance to ask the Singapore delegate about the company and how did he choose the person that went for interview... hahahaha ... i won't tell you all about that .. hehe .. company confidentiality ... hahaha ...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So that is the picture with all the person minus one. (that's me holding the camera... T.T) Oh yea, forgot to mention, it's nice to take photos as well because this office let me shoot photos with their semi-pro camera, Canon EOS 350D ... OH MY GOD !!! Whatever photos that I shot simply just turned to very nice photos automatically magically !! hahaha.. that's the power of MONEY !!!

So you want to see more photos ? Then we went for boat ride along Singapore River later on. That was my first time because SGD12 per ride to me is way too expensive and all I did was just walking along the river. Don't believe ? Ask Kai Yit. Did I bring him onto the boat ? Hahaha ... So this time I got aboard for FREE !! Hahaha... very nice ... So took a lot of picture and together with me on the board are some delegates from Japan, Italy, Taiwan, China, Belgium, Argentina and Brazil !! I had a great experience introducing this foreign city to them !! (I should get a tour guide licence soon... I had had enough explaining all these places to people... hahaha)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This is a nice one. Since I never take boat ride before so never get the chance to shoot the scenes at this angle... Very nice !!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The uncle hold the camera + the boat shaking so blur a bit.. hahaha.. Nice to talk with them!! Hehe...

In the night Mr. Lee brought all of us to East Coast Park to eat seafood there... hahaha ... ... i think I'll never get the chance of doing this kind of job again. Where the hell in this world you can find a job like mine? hahaha... There we ate, and drink. .. omg !! This is the offical FIRST time I drank BEER. Last time I just drank some DILUTED Heineken (and very little too... 1 small cup) and this time the delegates never ask me then poured 1 big glass of TIGER beer to me already (Japanese delegate .. hahaha .. they are very funny, not yet drink already drunk... hahaha). Throughout the night we ate, we drank (i drank 1 and half big glass of TIGER.. omg .. but i felt nothing .. really nothing at all ... just felt bitter.. wonder why people likes to drink BEER ... @.@") Hahaha .. very funny !! It's really a great time spent !!

It's worth working everyday (Monday-Sunday) from 8am to 8pm .. (sometimes... but that day we went out until 10pm.. haha). I learnt very much especially in social and dealing with BIG and IMPORTANT people. At first before accepting the job I was like... EH ... How to deal with those people leh ? Actually they are just like normal human being, just like our father... hahaha ... normal people and easily mingle with... OK talk too much crap. Later when I snoop more pictures out then I will post more la... C U !!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Single room, or not single room?

I have the whole room to myself for this whole 1 month+. Single room. My roommates have all left, cos they are from health sciences faculty, and their holiday started before me, like you all. Woo-hoo!! Yayy, I have my own room!!! So should be happy wor actually!!

Haih. WRONG. When they left, saying goodbye was sad. I wish they’d leave when I’m not around, don’t wanna say goodbye. And now the room is so empty, I can actually hear the echoes of my own voice….

Our last day together, as 4 ppl sharing one room

So sad...

Siti Marni (Sandakan), me, Stacy Arvinna (Beaufort) and Yee Lie (Kluang, Johor) That's on my bed, actually. haha.

Actually I had been alone before, when they had a one-month holiday last time (and I didin’t have any holiday that time!! *sob sob sob*) Last time it felt wonderful to be alone. So why had I liked a single room then, but not now?

Advantages of single room:

1. I can sleep peacefully! (finally I can sleep well! In a 4 ppl room, someone, any one of my roommates will somehow kacau me during my sleep, cos one likes to sleep very late, one likes to wake up very very early, and one likes to sing while listening to radio. Unfortunately I don’t tidur mati (sleep like a pig) like some ppl, so I look more and more like a panda here. Haha)

2. I have 4 tables to myself!! One table to put computer, one table to study, one table to iron clothes and put kettle… haha I dominate ALL the tables. No need to squeeze anymore…

3. I can study in the room peacefully. I used to always pindah to the study room to study, cos my room is simply too “meriah” to study. So now I don’t need to bring my books here and there d.

4. I have all the privacy I want (and this one don’t need to describe, cos we all love our privacy anyway. Ahaha)
etc etc

Before and After

Only my bed left, only my shelves, my table...

Disadvantages of single room:

1. But when you wake up, you see all the empty beds around… So sien…. And if you accidentally oversleep, no one will wake you up…

2. Study peacefully?? Haih when I’m in my own room I have so many other stuff to do and see, (computer, storybooks, magazines, songs, etc.) much more interesting than studying. At least in study room only notes and nothing else, so can concentrate fully. (luckily my room has no internet connection, cos add this distraction and I’ll surely die…)

3. Normally when I come back from study room, my roommates will somehow eliminate my stress, without even trying. So coming back to room, I have something to smile and laugh about, so relieved from stress… but now stress will be 24/7…. Arghhhh

4. And alone in room, nobody to talk to… no one to teman me eat in room (like picnic last time, haha) very sien…

5. I’m scared of insects! (and you all know the number of weird and wonderful insects here. Every night also got so many visitors!!! So horrible!!) At least last time one of roommates is not afraid of insects… She used to rescue me… Now I have to fight insects alone myself!!! Scariiee... I sure use up my Ridsect very fast one, from now on…

6. Last time when wai jin came to visit me (thanks ya, waijin… so happy you came), after she left, I was soooo down…. Miss everyone…. I just miss people…. Gosh when people leave after visiting me, I’ll feel even worse than before…. Haha I’m so weird
etc etc..

The amount i must study. Actually plus another 2 files under the table... Hahaha (vomit blood)

So, which is better? Single room or not?? 4 people in a room? What do you think? (But I’ll soon be glad I have single room, cos final professional exam coming!!! Help meeeee…) Better concentrate on studying!!! I’ll only be home after 11th June….. Less than one week, my holiday.... Miss you all… Hope when I go home can see you all! Take care, everybody =)